Suriname International Art Fair 2022

Debut International Art Fair in Suriname. Exhibiting 6 works in an online international Art Fair. View the works in the online exhibition here: https://www.siaf.sr/artist_siaf/isabel-berenos/ 

Almost Crazy


With this exhibition, I explored and expressed how I experienced the remnants of our postcolonial history in modern-day society. 

Freedom & Discipline


The opening of the debut solo exhibition “FREEDOM & DISCIPLINE” was on June 20, 2019. The exhibition could be viewed from June 21 to August 6 at Het Curaçaosch Museum in the SNIP Gallery.

Mens & Monument


The Curaçao art world worked with the theme 'Human & Monument', emphasizing the feelings monumental buildings evoke and the way in which they are used. I took part in this group exhibit with the piece "Dimensions" in November 2019.